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Senator Don Meredith on Recent News Accounts of his Travel


In light of recent news reports regarding my travel activities as a Senator, I wish to reassert my pride for the work I do in support of our government’s domestic and international goals; and on behalf of a deserving national constituency.

Upon my appointment, I committed to the Prime Minister by letter that I would do my best to help address our “moral responsibility” towards those disadvantaged lives around the globe. And I also indicated it would include meeting and working regularly with heads of missions from developing countries in line with our Government’s bilateral goals. That is exactly what I have done.

As a taxpayer, I am dutifully conscious of the sacrifice of Canadian families. That is why I have also done my best to find efficient ways to reconcile my spiritual vocation as a pastor with my duties as a public servant. As a faith leader, the annual National Prayer Breakfast events were a unique opportunity to meet and dialogue with thousands of leaders and stakeholders from around the world.

I broke no rules. I did nothing wrong. I undertook both trips with only the best intentions – to help deliver results for Canadians. But, if it is deemed by review that my work in Washington DC or New York is not public business, with due contrition, I will judiciously and promptly provide reimbursement.

 My work ethic is beyond reproach. My schedule and activities as a senator are all a matter of public record. I have nothing to hide.

I fully support the work of the Office of the Auditor General and with respect to the ongoing inquiry, I will not comment any further.


Office of The Honourable Dr. Don Meredith, Senator – Ontario